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About Traci

It’s important that you know a little bit about me to understand where I am coming from. Here are some of the things that have or continue to influence who I am becoming.

  • Raised in Roanoke, VA—small southern town.
  • Two awesome parents who are still married (God is so Good!)
  • Addiction runs deep in my gene pool
  • I am recovering co-dependent child, friend and sister
  • Too young to remember when I met Jesus (Thanks Mom & Dad!!)
  • Baptized as an infant and believe it meant something special
  • Decided to follow Jesus for sure at Young Life Camp when I was 15 (Thanks Corey for making me go!!)
  • About 10 years ago I chose to drop out of college and spent a semester intensely beginning recovery from anorexia and bulimia (Thankful for being healthy now and the continual process of recovery!!)
  • Gifted older brother (only 15 months apart)—A lifetime of comparison… its getting better, but still there more than I would like to admit.
  • Love having fun, doing gymnastics, dancing and taking adventures
  • Former NC State Cheerleader and Grand National Campion (2001 What? What!)
  • Still go to all the NC State football games (Go Pack!)
  • Athletes in Action (Campus Crusade for Christ) Servant Leader during college
  • Masters Degree in Communication
  • Emotionally, physically and sexually abused as a teenager
  • Self-proclaimed ‘foodie’—Try to eat in as many “Top Chef” restaurants as I can
  • Wonderful husband of 7ish years (You really should meet Matt!)
  • Petrified of becoming a mother
  • Desire to discover parenting with my husband
  • Struggling with infertility — hopeful for the next steps
  • Love reading the scriptures, prayer writing in my journal and talking with people about Jesus
  • Spent recent years helping to plant a non-denominational church with many of our best friends
  • Looking for a new church—not sure what our options are
  • The Holy Spirit convinced me that women are fully called into ALL ministry roles
  • Sad that we disagree with many of our closest friends on something that is central to how we live out our faith
  • Live in Raleigh, NC—medium southern town
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Activist
  • Community College Professor
  • Evangelist, Minister, Teacher, Friend
  • Fitness Instructor at the YMCA (Love it! —Water Aerobics is the best!)
  • Former server at Nofo (About 8 years)
  • Find me a wine tasting and I’m there!
  • Traveled to Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Turkey, Cambodia, Israel, Canada, Belize & almost all 50 states
  • Love taking road trips with Matt
  • Competitive, Smart, Attractive, Outgoing, yet more of an introvert than most people would think
  • Scared of most pets (especially when dogs chase, bark or jump on me)
  • God’s precious daughter

I hope you understand more of Traci now. Maybe you already have some questions… Maybe you are already thinking, ISSUES!!!… Maybe you are already thinking, THANK YOU!!…. Maybe you are just tired of my list and want to start making your own. It’s actually a pretty revealing, interesting and freeing exercise. Remember that our lists are never done!

5 comments on “About Traci

  1. amy williams
    July 15, 2012

    Traci, I love this list. You do not deny the difficult or painful parts of your life, but it shows through that they are not the things that you have allowed to define you. You are such a strong woman, and a beautiful child of God!

  2. Charlotte
    July 16, 2012

    Traci- I love it!

  3. Katie B.
    August 7, 2012

    Yay! You are blogging, so excited.
    It is crazy how much we have in common…
    thanks for putting it all “out there”

  4. Mary MacMichael
    November 14, 2012

    Hello, Traci! Many of these ‘list items’ are so true and you! Thought I would see some Covenant ‘lists’ ….maybe that was too painful of a time in your life! Sometimes we only know ourselves through looking at the past….but it does NOT always have to define us…..although God provides us with many defining moments. Our mistakes, and terrible hurts, are covered by God’s own good grace. And you are living proof of that grace. Blessings to you as you not only find new paths of mercy but lead others on those paths!

    • traciraerowe
      November 14, 2012

      Thanks Mary! Covenant was a huge part of my formation and journey.

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