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Practical Truth

So, on my way to work I started thinking that this whole truth fighting thing has some very practical applications for our lives.

Here are just a few that I am working through in my mind…

1) I am not perfect, but some parts of my pretty spectacular (I have a shirt that says this!). I can claim what I am good at and admit when I make mistakes. I can ask for help when I need it. I can find joy in the things I love to do and who I am.

2) I will let other people down and they will let me down, but we still need each other. I can ask for forgiveness and extend forgiveness. I tell others when I am disappointed and listen rather than becoming defensive when I have hurt some one else. I give to others without expectations. I receive from others without guilt.

3) Meaningful work requires effort. I can care about what I do and strive for excellence rather than being stressed out or claiming apathy or that I don’t care.

4) I will be the best person to lead sometimes and others will be better than me at leading other times. I can trust those in leadership positions. I can have confidence to make hard decisions. I can let go over my desire for power and control.

5) Relationships require mutual respect and understanding. I listen to my partner. I take their wants and needs into consideration. I let my partner know what I need. We trust each other rather than trying to manipulate or control one another.

6) Both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ emotions are natural and good. I can grieve without stuffing down sadness. I can rejoice without feeling stupid. I can become angry and realize the best way to channel it. I can weep. I can sing. I can play. I can remain unstuck in any place knowing that emotions change and grow.


What other practical truth brings you freedom?

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