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Day 2 San Fran

Our second day in Cali held no agenda– my husband’s favorite type of experience– So we slept in and then walked down to the Ferry Building. If you ever get a chance to visit San Fran, this is a “must do”… especially if you are there on a Saturday. It is like a fancy farmer’s market with local artisans of all kinds… fruits and veggies, seafood, coffee, empanadas, gluten free bakery, sour dough bread manufacturer, meat shop, cheese… the list goes on and on… not to mention that it all looks over the ocean. Delightful.

One of my favorite finds was Mariposa Baking Company: a completely gluten free bakery!! If you are ever looking for a unique thoughtful gift to send me, may I recommend their online order form?? I hadn’t eaten croutons, empanadas, quiche, etc in over a year and all of these were available and delicious!

Blue Bottle Coffee was Matt’s favorite find. Check it out!!

After filling our bellies, we set off for a walk to explore the city and to discover China Town… on our way through the city, we actually found many “massage parlors”, full nude strip clubs and seedy areas. Again, I am living with the combination of excellent and disgusting… enjoyment and pain at the same time. I am sure that human trafficking occurs in San Fran and am thankful for organizations like Not For Sale that are working to combat human trafficking. If you ever have a doubt of how real or prevalent human trafficking is, all you have to do is walk around and open your eyes.

Do not remain silent. Do something about it…

I have listed 21 action items earlier on this blog and you can find at least one of them to take part in. Your effort is worth it.

In fact, while we were on vacation the Wake Forest Police Department in North Carolina made a large bust and ousted the Johns! Go Wake Forest Police. John’s are no longer safe with anonymity.

Now back to the enjoyment… we decided to take a walk along the water’s edge near the golden gate bridge. Invigorating. photo-132 We made the several mile trek along the coastline to the fort just beneath the giant red engineering marvel and explored the army post from the 1800’s. Matt went Ansel Adams on me again and although all he wore was a t-shirt, I was the frozen one trying to keep a move on things… But, he did get some beautiful pictures… Thanks iPhone!


After all that exploring we earned another delicious meal, right? The server’s from Commonwealth advised us to try another neighborhood gem in Hayes Valley, Rich Table. Thankfully we were able to get an 8:15 reservation and it was just under an hour walk from the hotel. We opted out of the tasting menu, but built our own delicious trek through the menu including… wasabi olives, beet salad, crap cioppino, beef pasta, and more!

My personal favorite was the beet salad… surprise surprise! But, the only pic we snapped was of the New York Strip topped with chimichuri sauce, mushrooms, kale and pure deliciousness.


Our walk back to the hotel included free pot smells while passing the night life… we were ready to sleep when we hit the bed. Up the next day to head to Folsom for a dear friend’s wedding. Still more adventures to come.

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