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Zinda — YUM!

Thanks to some awesome friends of ours we got to try out two new Raleigh hot spots on Saturday night.

Dinner at Zinda and Drinks at Trophy


Zinda serves New Asian cuisine from a variety of countries across the east. From salads to soups, small plates and entrees, Zinda has something for just about every palate. They also cater to gluten allergies, which is a plus for this girl and provide enough spice to go around if you are brave enough to try the goat!

I opened my menu and saw “Miso-glazed Scallops with Brussels sprouts and Bacon”… Um.. How did they know how to include all my favorites in one dish? Delicious 🙂 I had to push myself to share one bite with my husband.

On top of the food, the design team dedicated time to detail and ambiance. You can take a tour of the place here to see what you are getting yourself into. Although, it looks modern and carries of bright lights-big city vibe, it still felt casual and welcoming. Go try it!


After a wonderful meal, we still had some time so we headed over to the  new hipster brewing company that opened right down the street! Trophy... The space is VERY small and has been crowded every time we drive by. Make sure that you bring a dollar for a membership card to get in. Until their kitchen opens to start serving food, you have to have a membership to go into the bar.

I don’t drink beer (damn that gluten!)– but I hear the beer was great and easily beats my other neighborhood favorite, Boylan Bridge… Sorry! I will still go and enjoy my grilled romaine wedge there on a regular basis.

Have you been to any new restaurants lately? Any places we should check out? Let me know if you hit up Zinda or Trophy and what you think.


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