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God on the Inside

While driving back from our ski trip to the mountains a few weeks ago Matt and I caught a radio preacher. Usually I am pretty skeptical of these messages and honestly have no idea who the guy speaking was. But, he said something that keeps ringing in my mind over and over again. I know that I don’t have the quote down perfectly, but it went something like this…

I hear people say that they can’t wait til heaven so that they can talk to Moses. They want to ask him what it was like to meet with God and hear his audible instructions. They want to know what it was like to have clear direction from a cloud and fire. But, I think Moses’s response would be different than we expect… maybe his response would be something like this… “What I really want to know is what it was like to have God INSIDE of you? That sounds amazing! I had to go into a temple or onto a mountain and slaughter ceremonial animals to meet with the Lord, but you… you can have the Lord speaking to you while you are drinking coffee in your snuggy on the couch! What was that like?”

Since I have been spending quite a bit of time in Exodus and Leviticus, I can’t stop thinking about these words. Although, Moses had many profound experiences… interacting with God came with ALOT of directions, commands and stipulations.

So, what am I thinking?

My Body is a Temple— In the early tabernacle (Exodus 38) the amount of gold, silver, bronze, special linens, etc. exceed my imagination. This means that when I am wondering about enjoying my body and being “hot” or whatever, that I can give myself some grace. As the Lord’s temple… I am meant to find myself beautiful! This is good news.

The sacrificial system is scary to me— I keep telling myself that slaughtering animals was a normal part of the Israeli culture and it would have been more normal to see the amount of blood that had to go into the sacrifices, but the picture that keeps coming to mind is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Not something that I associate with when I am praying on regular basis.

Aaron’s son v. Aaron— So, Aaron’s sons apparently didn’t follow the directions specifically enough in Leviticus and immediately got absorbed in fire (see Temple of Doom reference). Then Aaron wasn’t following the directions and Moses started getting mad at him (maybe scared he would lose another family member), but Aaron had a ‘good’ response by saying he was grieving over his son’s death… and that was sufficient for the Lord… I don’t understand this, but I am starting to think that this means that God really does know our hearts… that what we are thinking and believing on the inside is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than any behavior or command that do or do not follow… What do you think?

I don’t really Love the Lord as much as I ‘should’— (hate the word should)– BUT, in order to follow Jesus and have God on the inside, I do not have to sacrifice a grain offering, a sin offering, a guilt offering and a peace offering… I don’t have to spatter blood over and over again!  In fact, all I have to do is be silent, or act, or listen, or read, or speak to be with the Lord. I am not at risk for being consumed by fire at the alter. I should be in awe a lot more than I currently am. One of my continual prayers is that I notice God in the small things throughout the day. I am amazed by the Lord! But, if I am honest, I am not amazed as often as God deserves. This is one of the reasons that I am so thankful for Jesus and for forgiveness, grace and mercy. I don’t think it possible to love God “enough”…

God, I can’t… You Can… Please do! A few weeks ago at Edenton St. Methodist, a guest preacher (I think her name was Heather Rodriguez?) came and gave us this prayer… God I can’t ____, you can ____, Please do! Amen. We learned to surrender our weaknesses for God’s strength and to rely on that rather than on ourselves. Another reason why I’m so glad the Holy Spirit lives inside of me.

Christ in You.. The Hope of Glory... I’m pretty sure that the Apostle Paul has the claim on that quote, but last Sunday Lisa Yebuah claimed this for us during worship. She reiterated again the amount awe that comes along with the Holy Spirit on the inside.

Hope comes with trust, questions, grace, mercy and life.

Thank you Jesus for continual mystery and assurance. Thank you  for giving me the ability to live with you as I sit in my snuggy and as I go out and conquer fears. I need you more than I want to admit and am thankful that you already know that and don’t burn me with fire because of it. You are the Lord. Worthy, Confusing and Wonderful.


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