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Citizen Action 21: Watch a Movie

Several excellent documentaries have been made that discuss human trafficking. Watching a documentary with a friend or organizing a larger event for a movie screening can be an effective way … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 20: Prevent Child Absue

Today’s action asks us to look at one of the root causes of trafficking… Childhood abuse… Experiencing childhood abuse increases vulnerability of potential victims of trafficking. Experiencing childhood abuse creates … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 19: Legilative Action

The North Carolina law makers are getting ready to start a new session and you can help us to encourage legislators to take action on combating the demand for human … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 18: Youth Organizations

There are awesome organizations working with young people all around your area. Take some time to thank them for their hard work and let them know how much you appreciate … Continue reading

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Fear or Reality

One theme I am seeing develop as I read through the Bible is that our own guilt or fear can keep us from accepting or experiencing freedom and love from … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 17: Neighbors

How many of your neighbors do you know? Let me ask this a different way… How many of your neighbors would you easily invite over for dinner? How many of … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 16: Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry, including hotels, motels, restaurants, bars and more is one area where human trafficking has been found to occur. When events such as conferences, sporting events, conventions, etc. … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 15: Spread News

I showed this video in my class last week One of the lines in the film says that we no longer find the news… the news finds us… Today’s action … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 14: Use Social Media—EASY!!

Today’s action should be one of the easiest ones yet! All you have to do is something that you already do on a regular basis… use facebook or twitter   … Continue reading

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Citizen Action 13: Law Enforcement

Federal and Local Law Enforcement Officers play a large roll in combating human trafficking and need to be appreciated for their efforts as well as spurred along for increased motivation … Continue reading

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